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Warning: Beware of scammers

A warning to all IELTS test takers. Don’t fall victim to scammers.

From time to time, you may see some people trying to sell fake IELTS certificates online or offer an IELTS certificate without sitting the test.

Some of these offers even make false claims that they have ‘insider help’ from IDP or British Council to make their false offers look more convincing.

You might see these offers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, LinkedIn or various other websites and blogs.

Protect yourself – Don’t fall for scammers

Scammers will take your money and disappear, or you will have your result rejected.

You may also be reported to authorities – jeopardising your lifelong goals. 

If you use a fake IELTS Test Report Form, it will be rejected. 

Immigration departments, universities and professional associations you are applying to are able to verify every result online and therefore they can also detect and reject false results.

The only way to get your desired IELTS score is to work hard and be fully prepared.

Make sure you know the test format, have practised with sample test questions and have reviewed our official practice material.

Give yourself the best opportunity for success.

We are here to help

If you see a scam, report it.

Please remember to protect yourself from scams – report them and please don’t waste your time or money!

For any questions you might have regarding scams or to report a scam advertisement please contact the IDP via security.ielts@idp.com