Tips from Teachers

"In comparison to other English language tests, IELTS is better because of the variety of question types. The topics are also relevant to the courses in university."
Bui Nguyen Khanh, English language teacher from the HCMC University of Education, Vietnam

"Students tend to be more focused and motivated with IELTS. They have clearer goals. Also IELTS is an internationally recognised result."
David, English language teacher, Perth, Australia

"I’ve witnessed how IELTS assisted my students in studying abroad and gaining well-paid jobs. Numerous doors to a better world can be opened thanks to an IELTS result."
Le Minh Thu, IELTS preparation teacher from Be Online, Vietnam

"My advice to those trying to improve their IELTS score? Work on the weaker skills but don’t stop practising the other skills, so your overall levels remain consistent."
Le Xuan Mai, English language lecturer and researcher based at Can Tho University, Vietnam

"IELTS gives students a clear idea of where they are in terms of their long term goals. It encourages academic rigour."
Helen Mc, English language teacher, Melbourne, Australia

"IELTS is the test that can definitely let you know how well you can use the language and how much you need to better yourself."
Trinh Hong Tinh, English teacher and researcher from Can Tho, Vietnam