Information about withheld IELTS results

More than 10,000 organisations around the world rely on IELTS results as a true reflection of a test taker’s English skills. 

Because of this, the IELTS Partners (British Council, Cambridge English Language Assessment and IDP: IELTS Australia) have a responsibility to you, our test takers, and these organisations to ensure the highest confidence in the accuracy and integrity of test results.

Due to IELTS’ multi-layered approach to results validation, results can be withheld for further analysis after the 13 day period if required.

This analysis is conducted across all IDP Education and British Council IELTS test centres around the world.

Please note, the decision on a result is taken by the IELTS Partners, and does not rest with the local test centre.

Assisting with your deadlines

If you have an approaching deadline we can provide an official letter that you may pass on to IELTS recognising organisations. The letter explains the delay in the release of results as part of IELTS quality and assurance procedures.

To request this letter, please contact  and include the following details:

  • Your first name and last name
  • IELTS test centre location
  • Name of chosen receiving organisation
  • Address of receiving organisation
  • Application due date

Further information:

  1. What is the reason for this check?

    IELTS results can be withheld and analysed to ensure the integrity of the test and fairness to all test takers. These measures are essential to protect the validity of results for the three million test takers that take IELTS every year.


  2. What do the IELTS Test Partners mean when they say that test results were statistically anomalous?

    Providing a true and accurate assessment of test takers’ genuine English language capability is a core principle of the IELTS test and the reason why IELTS is such a highly valued and credible assessment amongst test takers and recognising organisations globally. When we say that test results were statistically anomalous, we are unable to guarantee that they are a true reflection of a test taker’s English language skills and thus results are cancelled or withheld permanently.


  3. Can I re-register if my result is cancelled?

    Yes, you may re-register and re-take the test if you wish to do so.


  4. What will IELTS achieve through this extensive check?

    We make a commitment to more than 10,000 recognising organisations and millions of test takers around the world who take IELTS annually that it is a secure, fair and valid test. This exercise is part of the process of guaranteeing that commitment.