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Preparing to write or talk about your work skills and experiences is a very good use of your time if you are planning to sit for the IELTS test.

Welcome back! In this five-part series, we’re exploring a variety of complex grammatical structures that you can use on your IELTS.

Many test takers struggle to achieve their desired band score on the Writing section of the IELTS Academic test as it can be one of the most challenging section of the test.

As a certified IELTS examiner, I have spent a lot of time examining people from around the world who are taking the IELTS test. In this time, I have come up with some tips and recommendations that I think those taking the IELTS test should consider

If you want to do well on your IELTS test, it’s a good idea to prepare and bring some writing tools to help you save time on test day. Let’s look over the common essay questions and then focus on a simple formula for the discussion essay as an