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If you’re looking to improve your pronunciation for the IELTS Speaking test, this post is for you. As you probably already know, pronunciation is a very important aspect of spoken English. On your IELTS Speaking test, the examiner will assess how

One type of question that is known for being difficult on the IELTS test is Heading Match questions in the reading section.

Have you ever wondered who IELTS Speaking and Writing examiners are and how they score tests? You may be surprised to discover that there are specific qualifications and training that are required to become a certified IELTS Writing and Speaking

Are you like everyone else these days and are crazy-busy? Where can you possibly find time to prep for the IELTS? Below are six half-hour IELTS workouts you hopefully can fit into your schedule. Maybe you’ll be able to find time to prep after all!

The IELTS test is a high-stakes scenario. There are many reasons why people take the test, but those reasons are rarely recreational. Education opportunities, immigration status and working in your profession often hinge on an IELTS score. If you