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When preparing for the IELTS Speaking test, you’ll notice that there are four sections to the assessment criteria. As you may have noticed in the IELTS public scoring guide, for higher marks in grammar you will need to do well in several areas.

In this series, we’ve looked at how to expand your vocabulary for your IELTS by creating vocabulary sets on common IELTS themes. So far, we’ve explored the topics of education, transportation, environment and travel & holidays. In this fifth and

Today’s IELTS theme is travel and holidays. Before we look at some suggested vocabulary sets for this topic, we’ll take a few minutes to look at the terms travel and holidays in more detail. Let’s look at a few common collocations with these two

Today, we’ll be looking at improving your IELTS vocabulary on the topic of the environment. We’ll start by exploring relevant sub-topics that you can use to create your own vocabulary sets. Then, we’ll go over a few nature and environment idioms that

Pronunciation is one of the toughest things to improve for many who study English as another language. It is a common challenge! So other than depending on your friend or your phone to de-code those subtle language points, how can you improve? This