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In this series, we’ve looked at how to expand your vocabulary for your IELTS by creating vocabulary sets on common IELTS themes. So far, we’ve explored the topics of education, transportation, environment and travel & holidays. In this fifth and

Fluency of speaking is well known to most language learners. However, many of us don’t think about fluency for the other skill test areas in IELTS – reading, writing, and listening. Even though it is most commonly a feature of speaking ability, to do

For both the Academic and General version of the IELTS test, this type of question occurs frequently. Many candidates lose confidence or even second guess themselves because they struggle with answering Yes/No/Not Given and True/False/Not Given

How are skimming and scanning different?
Skimming is reading quickly to find the general overview of the passage.
Scanning is reading quickly to find specific details within the passage.
What are some skimming techniques?

One type of question that is known for being difficult on the IELTS test is Heading Match questions in the reading section.