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Fluency of speaking is well known to most language learners. However, many of us don’t think about fluency for the other skill test areas in IELTS – reading, writing, and listening. Even though it is most commonly a feature of speaking ability, to do

Pronunciation is one of the toughest things to improve for many who study English as another language. It is a common challenge! So other than depending on your friend or your phone to de-code those subtle language points, how can you improve? This

As an IELTS examiner I am sometimes asked about accents on the IELTS speaking and listening test. Specifically, some wonder what kinds of accents they will hear on the listening test, and how they should handle their own accent during the speaking

When doing the listening section of the IELTS test, having a wide ranging vocabulary that you know how to spell is crucial to getting a good score. Here is some common vocabulary broken down by section of the listening test.