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When sitting for the Writing section of the IELTS test, you may not think Task 1 and 2 are related at all at first glance. When tackling these tasks, however, there are similarities and differences to be aware of. Here are some of the differences and

The reasons people take the IELTS vary as much as the people who take the test. Below is some information about who takes the IELTS and some of the reasons why people choose to do so.

Just reading this article shows that you are proactive in improving your IELTS score. Proactive means taking control of your situation and putting it into action.

If you want to make sure you know how to approach the essay section of the Writing section of IELTS, you are in the right place. Often people who write the test jump to writing too quickly and end up with a beautiful essay on the wrong topic.

If you’re working to improve your English vocabulary for IELTS, it’s important to set goals and decide how much time you have available to achieve them. For instance, reading books in English can be an excellent way to learn new vocabulary, but this