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Is my accent hurting my IELTS score

Published on August 3, 2019

This blog is about accents, but first I’d like to show you a few numbers. IELTS has more than 1200 testing locations across the globe. You can find test centres in more than 140 countries. IELTS is recognized in more than 10,000 organisations


Speaking clearly on test day

Published on June 1, 2019

Is it sheep or ship? Fan or van? Dessert or desert? Sixty or sixteen? Pronunciation can be difficult! Many agree that this is one of the most challenging skills to learn in English.


IELTS grammar study guide: relative clauses

Published on March 25, 2019

Grammar is one of the four categories that you’ll be assessed on in the Speaking and Writing sections of the IELTS test. When assessing your use of grammar, examiners will not only focus on whether your language has errors or not, but they’ll also